Dog’s Meow is focused on giving your pets the best

The Healthy Option

Two years ago we moved into our new home with our two dogs, Tugga and Jackie. Shortly after moving in we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant for the first time and had to figure everything out , while renovating our home at the same time. Our lovable pups saw us through it all! No matter what mood we were in after a long day, they were always there to give us the love we needed.

What we took away from this experience is that while life gets hectic, we always need to make time for the important people and pets in our lives that we love dearly.. That’s the reason we started Dog’s Meow – we wanted to save people time so that they can spend it with their families and pets.

Our scheduled delivery system is takes the hassle out of shopping as it means your order can arrive weekly or monthly , at times that suit your needs. We are also flexible, so if your peckish pets get through more food than usual you can increase or push your next order forward to keep those tummies full. We deliver to your door, meaning you’ll never have to pant while lugging heavy bags of pet food around or have to go walkies to the shops as it rains cats and dogs when you’ve forgotten to buy din dins for your little companions.

Pets are our companions throughout life’s journeys and they deserve to be given the best food, treats and toys to keep them fit and healthy.

Our range of premium products are sure to keep those tongues and tails wagging, which we’re confident your pets will thank you for with a big kiss when you get home from work.

At the Dog’s Meow our aim is to improve the quality of Pets lives and hopefully save their owner time and money by delivering straight to their door at the best possible price. Along with toys and treats to keep our companions fit, active and well balanced.

Meet The Team


Chris is a pet lover who does everything he can to give his little ones everything they need. He once rode the 94.7 cycle challenge for the Pets Empowerment charity and nearly lost the use of his legs from exhaustion, vowing never to do it again. He may do it again this year though. He was brought up in a world of terrible jokes and when you’re with him a pun is never too far away, no matter how cat-astrophic they may be.

Boss of the Boss

Tanya is a mother who is always focused on giving her family the best and tries to keep Chris’s terrible jokes to a minimum. She knows that no matter how much of a ruff day she is having the love of her dogs is always there and there should be no procatstination when giving them what they need.