ROYAL CANIN Babycat Milk 300g


Low lactose formula milk powder is the ideal milk for kittens’ better digestion. Royal Canin Growth Babycat Milk has excluded starch since is the hardest component for kittens to digest. ADJUSTED MICRO GRANULES is specially created to be as close as possible to a mother’s cat milk in terms of texture and nutrition. Easy to dissolve in just 5 minutes will result into a lump free milk formula. HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM through the addition of FOS or fructo-oligo-saccharidesthat maintains the perfect balance of intestinal flora. plus HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM through potent antioxidant complex that strengthen the developing immune system of kittens. Royal Canin Growth Babycat Milk is a supplementary feed. Manufacturer’s guidelines: How to prepare 1 – Pour the required quantity of water with a low mineral content heated to 70 øC into the feeding bottle provided. 2 – Add 1 level spoonful (10 ml) of milk powder per 20 ml of water. 3 – Close and shake the feeding bottle. 4 – Make sure the milk cools down and check its temperature on your wrist. 5 – When the kitten is 5 weeks old, serve the milk on a plate. *The sachet can be stored up to 1 month after opening. Feeding guidelines: Age in weeks meals / day ml milk 1 7 2 – 4 2 6 5 – 10 3 5 10 – 15 4 5 10 – 15