ROYAL CANIN French Bulldog Adult 3kg


Tailor-made food for French Bulldogs over 12 months. Contributes to maintaining muscle mass thanks to an optimal protein content (26%). In addition L-carnitine helps promote energy production in muscles. Joint support Helps support joints and maintain optimal hydration in cartilage. Odour reduction Contributes to reducing intestinal fermentation which may cause digestive disorders, flatulence and bad odour in stools. Vitality programme A kibble exclusively designed to make it easier for your French Bulldog to grasp and to help encourage him to chew. Manufacturer’s feeding guidelines per pet in grams/day: Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult is a complete feed for dogs. Dog’s A C T I V I T Y weight Reduced Normal Increased 7kg 120 130 145 8kg 130 145 160 10kg 155 170 190 12kg 175 195 215 14kg 195 220 240 *Your should always be provided with plenty of fresh water. The listed amounts are guidelines only and should be adapted to your dog’s individual dietary needs. *Your pet requires sufficient time to become accustomed to new food. In order to prevent digestive problems, old food should be replaced with the new food gradually and in stages. Mix more new food gradually in with your pet’s usual food using the following guidelines: Time Amount of old food Amount of new food Days 1 and 2 75% 25% Days 3 and 4 50% 50% Days 5 and 6 25% 75% Over 7 days – 100%