ROYAL CANIN Giant Adult 15kg


Helps maintain vitality and ideal shape in Giant dogs. For GIANT dogs (weight > 45kg) aged 18/24 months and older. Chondrotin promotes cartilage hydration and glucosamine stimulates cartilage turnover to help maintain healthy joints. Giant and dental kibble A patented kibble that encourages chewing and halves the speed of food intake. Health with age Helps maintain kidney function with a reduced phosphorus content. Cardiac tone Promotes good cardiac muscle function with L-carnitine and taurine. Manufacturer’s recommendation in grams/day: Royal Canin Giant Adult is a complete feed for dogs. Dog’s weight reduced activity normal activity increased activity 45 kg 455 505 705 55 kg 525 580 815 65 kg 590 660 920 75 kg 655 730 1025 85 kg 720 800 1120 100 kg 810 900 – *Your pet should always have access to fresh water.