ROYAL CANIN Yorkshire Terrier Junior


Royal Canin Mini Yorkshire Terrier Junior is designed exclusively for pure breed Yorkshire Terrier puppies from 8 weeks to 10 months The Yorkie Puppy grows quickly over a short period of time. Throughout its lifetime, the Yorkie Puppy can be a picky eater, so palatability is crucial to ensure its acceptance of a food. Since the digestive tract of a puppy is not fully developed until he matures, it is important to provide a food that supports healthy and gentle digestion. RAPID GROWTH The Yorkshire Terrier puppy grows quickly over a short period of time, maturing at 10 months. Formulated with high levels of key nutrients to support this rapid growth. STIMULATES FUSSY APPETITES Yorkshire puppies tend to be picky eaters, making it difficult to ensure the right nutrition for healthy development. Has natural flavors and aromas guaranteed to appeal to even the most finicky puppy. ULTRA DIGESTIBLE The digestive tract of a puppy is not fully developed until he matures. Formulated with a special blend of fibers that gently support the puppy’s healthy digestion. TAILOR-MADE KIBBLE Yorkshire Terrier Junior kibble is easy to break and chew and helps to reduce dental plaque and limit tartar formation. Manufacturer’s feeding recommendations: Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Junior is a complete dry dog food for growing dogs. Age in months Weight of dog 2 kg 3 kg 4 kg 2 49 g 63 g 78 g 3 54 g 71 g 88 g 4 55 g 74 g 92 g 5 55 g 75 g 92 g 6 47 g 68 g 83 g 7 40 g 61 g 75 g 8 39 g 54 g 66 g 9 39 g 53 g 66 g 10 39 g 53 g 65 g *Please make sure that your dog always has enough fresh drinking water. The recommended feeding amounts are only guidelines and should be adapted to suit the individual needs of your pet