New year’s resolutions for you and your pet

New Years Resolutions

New year’s resolutions for you and your pet.

The worst thing to do for a new year’s resolution is to set the bar too high, follow a few of these simple steps and you’ll be saving the world, improving the economy, ensuring world peace and make yourself the person that everyone will be talking about…kind of.

Make new friends

If you don’t have a pet and you’re looking for companionship maybe look into adopting. There are plenty of wonderful charities that will help you to adopt a pet. Its a big decision that you should only make if you are ready. An alternative way of doing it may be to become a foster carer for one of the charities. This way you’ll be doing good and seeing if being a pet parent is right for you. You might have to give up some loveable pups or kitties to grateful people but they might also end up sticking around because this is the life for you.

Create a super pet

Take your pets for training, it’ll make it easier for you in the long run. Studies have been done that show you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks. Keeping your ageing friends mind active with new tricks and activities will lengthen their life and keep them sharp. You can DIY it through Youtube, go to training classes, get private training but the most important thing to train your pet is time. Put the time in and you will reap the rewards, you’ll probably enjoy it as well.

Get to the Vet

Go to your local vet and get your pet a check-up, get your yearly vaccinations and sort out any issues that may have crept up on you. This is probably a good time to start looking into deworming, tick, flea and parasite medicine. A Healthy Pet is a happy pet.

Facetime your pets

Making sure you look after your pets oral hygiene will benefit you both, it’ll keep them healthier and happier as well as allow you to get up close without having to wear a gas mask and you’ll get all the smacky kisses you’ll ever need.

Give them the right amount of food

A large percentage of our pets are overweight simply because we are feeding them too much. Older dogs and those who have been fixed usually have lower energy and need less food. Check the guidelines on the side of your food packet, smart people have done smart things to figure out how much food they need. So if you do what they say people will start thinking you’re the smart one. Check their activity levels, life stage, breed type and size then you’ll be sorted.

Show them you care

A great way to spoil your animal is with a little grooming. Give them a bubbly shampoo bath and brush them as often as you can. You’ll develop a better bond, they will be clean and won’t spread their fur all over the place.

Get eco friendly

Everyone wants to save the planet. It’s a tough new year’s resolution but rather than develop a new colony on mars maybe we can start by buying a few eco friendly products. It will be healthier for your little one and it will make you feel better so you can laud it over your friends.

Support local

If you’re looking for new brands or something different to the norm, why not look local? Most of the time SA are producing good quality products at cheaper rates. Even if it’s not cheaper think about it this way, the money will circulate in the economy. Eventually building you better roads. Electricity that doesn’t turn off. This will essentially lead to world peace and it’ll all be because of you.

Take them with you

If you’re going on a trip, take them with you. There are plenty of car seat covers, easily transportable beds, bowls and accessories. If you’re not going that far there are pet friendly parks, restaurants and events that they will love to share with you.

Time for some cardio

Everyone wants to get fit, why not get fit with someone else who wants to get fit? There are a million different collars, leads, harnesses, poop bags and travel water bags. Kit yourself out with all the latest high end gear(you’ll look super cool) or get a basic lead and collar.(minimalism is also cool) There are plenty of different activities for you to get involved in, go to a park, go for a walk, take them hiking, do some Doga(yes yoga for dogs) or try out skijoring(tough in joburg but if you have kids they can help you pull the pram).

You’ll be out in public with people who have similar interests, you’ll make friends, everyone will love you and you’ll be the talk of the town because you have a pet that is loved, trained, has done all their check ups, is clean and has fresh breath, gets fed the right food, is eco conscious while supporting the local economy and is constantly active. Next years resolutions will just have to be a little more creative.

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