ROYAL CANIN Labrador Retriever Adult 12kg


Tailor-made food for Labrador Retriever dogs over 15 months. Helps maintain the Labrador’s ideal weight with increased protein and lower fat, plus L-carnitine. Exclusive kibble shapes and formula help promote a feeling of fullness. Support for strong bone structure Helps provide support for the Labrador’s strong bone structure. Beautiful and healthy waterproof coat Reveals the beauty of the Labrador’s unique waterproof coat and helps maintain the “barrier” role of their skin. Vision support Supports the eyes’ antioxidant defences. Manufacturer?s feeding recommendation in grams/day per dog: Dog’s Reduced activity Normal activity Increased activity Extra weight 28 kg 320 360 400 480 30 kg 335 380 420 505 32 kg 355 400 440 530 34 kg 370 415 460 555 36 kg 385 435 480 580 38 kg 400 450 500 600 40 kg 415 470 520 625 *Your pet requires sufficient time to become accustomed to new food. In order to prevent digestive problems, old food should be replaced with the new food gradually and in stages. Mix more new food gradually in with your pet’s usual food using the following guidelines: Time Amount of old food Amount of new food Day 1 &amp