ROYAL CANIN Maxi Light Weight Care 15kg

From: R1,021.00 every 12 weeks

For weight management and neutered dogs. Food for adult MAXI dogs (weight:26 to 45kg) from 15 months to 5 years with a tendency to put on weight. Repletion Shape and formula A specially designed kibble shape and composition of the diet helps increase the feeling of fullness. Muscle tone and healthy joints Helps maintain muscle mass and healthy joints by means of a high protein content and a supply of glucosamine and chondroitin. Enhanced flavour Helps satisfy fussy appetites through an exclusive formulation, natural flavourings and perfect preservation. Manufacturer’s feeding recommendation in grams/day: Royal Canin Maxi Light is a complete feed for dogs. Pet’s weight Overweight Normal weight with a tendency to weight gain 26 kg 287 341 28 kg 304 361 30 kg 320 380 34 kg 351 417 38 kg 382 453 42 kg 412 489 *Your pet requires sufficient time to become accustomed to new food. In order to prevent digestive problems, old food should be replaced with the new food gradually and in stages. Mix more new food gradually in with your pet’s usual food using the following guidelines: Time Usual old food Amount of newly introduced food Day 1 &amp