ROYAL CANIN Medium Digestive Care Sensitive Digestion


For active dogs or dogs with digestive sensitivity. Medium dog, weight between 11 and 25kg. Promotes digestive tolerance by using rice as the only source of starch. Concentrated energy Covers the high energy needs of active dogs without overloading the stomach. Skin protection Helps support the skin’s natural defences with zinc, vitamin A and biotin. Healthy ageing Helps maintain cell health and vitality with age thanks to a high level of vitamin E and selenium. Manufacturer’s feeding recommendations in grams/day: Royal Canin Medium Sensible is a complete feed for dogs. Dog’s weight reduced activity normal activity increased activity 11 kg 140 163 185 12 kg 150 173 197 14 kg 168 195 221 16 kg 186 215 245 18 kg 203 235 267 20 kg 220 254 289 22 kg 236 273 311 24 kg 252 292 332 25 kg 260 301 342 *Your pet should always have access to fresh water. *The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog’s specific dietary needs. Your pet requires sufficient time to become accustomed to new food. In order to prevent digestive problems, old food should be replaced with the new food gradually and in stages. Mix more new food gradually in with your pet’s usual food using the following guidelines: Time Amount of old feed Amount of new food Day 1 &amp