ROYAL CANIN Yorkshire Terrier Adult


Tailor-made food for adult Yorkshires over 10 months. Borage oil and biotin work together to help promote the hair’s softness and sheen while the intensive colour nutrient brings out the coat’s colour. Tartar reduction Our Yorkshire Terrier formula helps reduce tartar formation thanks to the presence of calcium chelators. Satisfies fussy appetites Helps satisfy even the fussiest of appetites with a combination of exceptional flavours. Longevity programme Helps maintain vitality in the Yorkshire Terrier. Manufacturer Daily Recommended Serving *reduced exercise, sterilised, tendency towards being overweight **very active or thin dogs Activity 2 kg 3 kg 4 kg *reduced 50 g 65 g 80 g normal 55 g 70 g 90 g **increased 60 g 80 g 100 g